Binding of Secretory Precursor Polypeptides to a Translocon Subcomplex Is Regulated by BiP

  title={Binding of Secretory Precursor Polypeptides to a Translocon Subcomplex Is Regulated by BiP},
  author={Susan K. Lyman and Randy Schekman},
The translocation of a secretory precursor protein across the ER membrane comprises three phases: docking of the precursor at the membrane, insertion into the translocation pore, and exit from the pore into the ER lumen. We demonstrate that Sec62p, Sec71p and Sec72p form a translocon subcomplex that engages secretory precursors at the membrane site of the ER translocation machinery. Binding of a precursor to the subcomplex depends on the presence of an intact signal sequence and occurs only in… CONTINUE READING
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