Binding of [3H]Haloperidol to Dopamine D2 Receptors in the Rat Striatum

  title={Binding of [3H]Haloperidol to Dopamine D2 Receptors in the Rat Striatum},
  author={H. Tsuchihashi and T. Sasaki and S. Kojima and T. Nagatomo},
  journal={Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology},
Abstract— The present study was designed to examine the properties of [3H]haloperidol binding to dopamine D2‐receptors in rat striatum membranes, displacement potencies of various chemicals and differences between the affinities of various chemicals and two new 5‐hydroxytryptamine (5‐HT2) receptor antagonists, MCI‐9042, (±)‐2‐(dimethylamino)‐1‐[[o‐(m‐methoxyphenetyl)phenoxy]methyl]ethyl hydrogen succinate hydrochloride and one of its metabolites. The plots of specific binding for the striatum… Expand
Reduction of dopamine D2 receptor transduction by activation of adenosine A2a receptors in stablyA2a/D2 (long-form) receptor co-transfected mouse fibroblast cell lines: Studies on intracellular calcium levels
The findings imply that the D2 (long-form) receptors in the present fibroblast cell line can raise [Ca2+]i both via Ca2- influx from the extracellular medium and Ca2+ release from intracellular stores via activation of inositol 1,4,5-triphosphate receptors. Expand
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Effects of dopamine and dopamine-active compounds on oxytocin and vasopressin production in rat neurohypophyseal tissue cultures
The results indicate that NH hormone production can be directly influenced by the DA-ergic system, and can occur independently of the hypothalamus, at the level of the posterior pituitary. Expand
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Prochlorperazine Increases KCC2 Function and Reduces Spasticity after Spinal Cord Injury.
Prochlorperazine alleviates spasticity in chronic adult SCI rats with an efficacy equivalent to the antispastic agent, baclofen, and rescues the SCI-induced downregulation of KCC2 in motoneurons below the lesion. Expand
Spiperone, identified through compound screening, activates calcium-dependent chloride secretion in the airway.
Spiperone is identified as a new therapeutic platform for correction of defective Cl(-) secretion in CF via a pathway independent of CFTR, and is found that spiperone, a known antipsychotic drug, is a potent intracellular Ca2+ enhancer. Expand
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MCI-9042: high affinity for serotonergic receptors as assessed by radioligand binding assay.
The present study suggests that MCI-9042 is specific for 5HT2-receptor. Expand
Comparison of dopamine receptor sites labeled by [3H]-S-sulpiride and [3H]-spiperone in striatum.
It is concluded that [3H]-S-sulpiride under the conditions used is a selective radioligand with which dopamine receptors of the D-2 subtype can be directly measured and localized. Expand
Binding characteristics of [3H]ketanserin for serotonin-2 receptor in the rabbit platelet.
The properties of [3H]ketanserin binding to serotonin-2 (5HT2)-serotonergic receptors in the rabbit platelet membranes, displacement affinities of various chemicals and difference of the affinITIES between their chemicals and new agents, MCI-9042 and M-1 were examined. Expand
Dopamine D2 receptor binding in adrenal medulla: characterization using [3H]spiperone.
The present work demonstrates the existence of a high-affinity receptor in adrenal medulla using [3H]spiperone as the radioligand to label the receptors. Expand
Brain receptors for antipsychotic drugs and dopamine: direct binding assays.
Various antipsychotic drugs inhibited this stereospecific component in both the dopamine and haloperidol assays, and these inhibitory potencies correlated with the clinical doses used for controlling schizophrenia. Expand
Differentiation of opiate and neuroleptic receptor binding in rat brain.
For 6 large series of compounds derived from the piperidine moieties of spiperone, pimozide, haloperidol, pethidine, fentanyl and 4-methocarboxy-fentanyl, IC50 values were determined in the opiateExpand
Serotonergic component of neuroleptic receptors
It is suggested that serotonergic, as well as dopamine agonists or antagonists for rat frontal cortex and striatal receptors are involved in the mechanism of action of neuroleptic drugs. Expand
Interactions of agonists with D-2 dopamine receptors: evidence for a single receptor population existing in multiple agonist affinity-states in rat striatal membranes.
Competitions by (-)sulpiride, metoclopramide, and DOMP for [3H]SPIRO binding sites in the presence of ketanserin are steep, demonstrating that the previously observed heterogeneity of these sites is due entirely to serotonergic [ 3H]spiroperidol binding. Expand
Dopamine receptor binding: differentiation of agonist and antagonist states with 3H-dopamine and 3H-haloperidol.
3H-Dopamine and 3H-haloperidol bind with high affinity and selectivity to synaptic dopamine receptors in membrane preparations of the calf caudate, and the rank-order of phenothiazines and related agents as well as catecholamines in displacing both dopamine and haloperidl binding closely parallels their pharmacological potencies and affinities for the dopamine-sensitive adenylate cyclase. Expand
Binding characteristics of 3H-CGP12177 to beta-adrenoceptors in rat myocardial membranes.
3H-CGP12177, a hydrophilic radioligand, was useful for the binding assay of beta-adrenoceptors in rat myocardial membranes and could be regarded as beta 1- and beta 2-adRenergic receptors from the evaluation of the binding characteristics beta- adrenoception by the displacement analysis using beta-selective antagonists. Expand