Binding modes of μ-conotoxin to the bacterial sodium channel (NaVAb).

  title={Binding modes of μ-conotoxin to the bacterial sodium channel (NaVAb).},
  author={Rong Chen and Shin-Ho Chung},
  journal={Biophysical journal},
  volume={102 3},
Polypeptide toxins isolated from the venom of cone snails, known as μ-conotoxins, block voltage-gated sodium channels by physically occluding the ion-conducting pathway. Using molecular dynamics, we show that one subtype of μ-conotoxins, PIIIA, effectively blocks the bacterial voltage-gated sodium channel Na(V)Ab, whose crystal structure has recently been elucidated. The spherically shaped toxin, carrying a net charge of +6 e with six basic residues protruding from its surface, is attracted by… CONTINUE READING

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