Binary specification of nonsense codons by splicing and cytoplasmic translation.

  title={Binary specification of nonsense codons by splicing and cytoplasmic translation.},
  author={Rolf Thermann and Gabriele Neu-Yilik and Alexandra M. Deters and Ute Frede and Kristina Wehr and Christian Hagemeier and Matthias W. Hentze and Andreas E Kulozik},
  journal={The EMBO journal},
  volume={17 12},
Premature translation termination codons resulting from nonsense or frameshift mutations are common causes of genetic disorders. Complications arising from the synthesis of C-terminally truncated polypeptides can be avoided by 'nonsense-mediated decay' of the mutant mRNAs. Premature termination codons in the beta-globin mRNA cause the common recessive form of beta-thalassemia when the affected mRNA is degraded, but the more severe dominant form when the mRNA escapes nonsense-mediated decay. We… CONTINUE READING
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