Binary-space-partitioned images for resolving image-based visibility

  title={Binary-space-partitioned images for resolving image-based visibility},
  author={Chi-Wing Fu and Tien-Tsin Wong and Wai-Shun Tong and Chi-Keung Tang and Andrew J. Hanson},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics},
We propose a novel 2D representation for 3D visibility sorting, the binary-space-partitioned image (BSPI), to accelerate real-time image-based rendering. BSPI is an efficient 2D realization of a 3D BSP tree, which is commonly used in computer graphics for time-critical visibility sorting. Since the overall structure of a BSP tree is encoded in a BSPI, traversing a BSPI is comparable to traversing the corresponding BSP tree. BSPI performs visibility sorting efficiently and accurately in the 2D… CONTINUE READING