Binary ranking for the signature file method


A new method for ranking the output of the superimposed variation of the signature file method (SC/SF) is presented. The method is termed 'Binary Ranking' and assigns a value ('B-rank value') to each block candidacy of the signature file output in a way which reflects the credibility of the signature to stand in place of the corresponding real text. In order to measure the performance of the proposed technique, a simulation environment based on a Relational Database Management System is established. Binary Ranking is found to be promising for a category of real-life applications and allows for future enhancements.

DOI: 10.1016/0950-5849(94)90052-3

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@article{Dervos1994BinaryRF, title={Binary ranking for the signature file method}, author={Dimitrios Dervos and P. Linardis and Yannis Manolopoulos}, journal={Information & Software Technology}, year={1994}, volume={36}, pages={131-139} }