Binary potassium-silicate glass irradiated with electrons

  title={Binary potassium-silicate glass irradiated with electrons},
  author={Ondrej Gedeon and Karel Jurek and Ivo Drbohlav and Nad{\`e}ge Ollier},
Abstract Binary potassium-silicate glass of composition 15 mol% K 2 O + 85 mol% SiO 2 was irradiated with 2.5 MeV. The thickness of glass was chosen so as electrons stopped near the back surface. After the high-energy irradiation both, back and top surfaces, were depleted from potassium; the back surface was depleted more than the top one. The decay curves were recorded on pristine glass, and on top and back surfaces of the glass pre-irradiated with high-energy electrons. The incubation times… CONTINUE READING