Bimanual co-ordination in callosal agenesis and partial commissurotomy.

  title={Bimanual co-ordination in callosal agenesis and partial commissurotomy.},
  author={Mark Jeeves and P S Silver and Ira Jacobson},
  volume={26 6},
Studies [Preilowski, B.F.B. in Cerebral Localization, pp. 116-131, Springer, Berlin, 1975; Reynolds, D.M. and Jeeves, M.A. Neuropsychologia 12, 287-290, 1974] of bilateral motor coordination in commissurotomy patients pointed to the importance of direct interhemispheric integration for the fine regulation of the lower motor system within each hemisphere. When external visual feedback was withdrawn in the performance of a bimanual tracking task, partial commissurotomy patients, in whom the… CONTINUE READING

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