Billiard Ordered Games and Books

  title={Billiard Ordered Games and Books},
  author={Vladimir Dragovi{\'c} and Sean Gasiorek and Milena Radnovi{\'c}},
  journal={Regular and Chaotic Dynamics},
We consider billiard ordered games and, using a recently developed idea of elliptic billiard books, we construct the configuration space for them. Dynamical and topological properties of the systems obtained in that way are considered. 



Bifurcations of Liouville tori in elliptical billiards

A detailed description of topology of integrable billiard systems is given. For elliptical billiards and geodesic billiards on ellipsoid, the corresponding Fomenko graphs are constructed.

Pseudo-integrable billiards and double reflection nets

This is a survey of two recently emerged directions in the study of billiards inside pencils of quadrics: pseudo-integrable billiards in the plane and double reflection nets. Bibliography: 48 titles.

Topology of the elliptical billiard with the Hooke's potential

Using Fomenko graphs, we present a topological description of the elliptical billiard with Hooke's potential.

Geometry and billiards

Motivation: Mechanics and optics Billiard in the circle and the square Billiard ball map and integral geometry Billiards inside conics and quadrics Existence and non-existence of caustics Periodic

Billiard books model all three-dimensional bifurcations of integrable Hamiltonian systems

We introduce a new class of billiards—billiard books, which are integrable Hamiltonian systems. It turns out that for any nondegenerate three-dimensional bifurcation (3-atom), a billiard book can be

CORRIGENDUM: Cayley-type conditions for billiards within k quadrics in Bbb Rd

In section 4 of this paper, the authors misstated theorems 3 and 4. Please see PDF for corrected theorems.

The Liouville Foliation of the Billiard Book Modelling the Goryachev-Chaplygin Case

The Fomenko-Zieschang invariant of an interesting case of an integrable billiard book is calculated and it is shown that such a book models dynamics of the Goryachev-Chaplygin integrable case on a

Integrable billiards and quadrics

Billiards inside quadrics are considered as integrable dynamical systems with a rich geometric structure. The two-way interaction between the dynamics of billiards and the geometry of pencils of

Minkowski plane, confocal conics, and billiards

Geometry of confocal conics in the Minkowski plane and related billiard dynamics are studied in details. Periodic trajectories are described and several new examples are presented. Topological

Topological classification of integrable Hamiltonian systems with two degrees of freedom. List of systems of small complexity

CONTENTS § 1. Introduction § 2. Realizability theorem § 3. Tagged skeletons § 4. Coding integrable Hamiltonian systems References