Bill O' Rights


I t has been almost th: since I first heard oftt Service raids on Steve Games and the cybe from the Legion ot These federal exploits: chronicled in Bruce book Hacker Crackdoi cipitated the formati( Electronic Front ier tion and kicked loose n a t i o n a l d i g i t a l 1 movement which is sl ing by leaps and con1 I am greatly en( by the heightened a' among the citizen~, Globa l Net of ouI responsibilities, and , nities. I am also heart( so many good minds at the legal, ethical, a riddles which come fi tizing every damned tt social contract of Cy is being developed wi ishing rapidity, consid~ we are still deaf, du disembodied in here. Meanwhi le , back Physical World, I co] be haunted by the wo: first lawyer I called on Steve Jackson, Phibc and Acid Phreak baq w spring of 1990. This 2, Lieberman of the pr z New York civil liber ul Rabinowitz , Boudi] dard, Krinsky, and man. I told him how t u Service had descended on my acquain• " tances and taken every scrap of cirz o cuitry or magnetized oxide they could ~_ find. This had included not only computers and disks, but clock radios and audio cassettes. I told him that, because no charges J hadbeen filed,,the goverment was pro.i vidingtheirtargetsnolegaloppormnity, to recoup their confiscated equipment and data. (In fact, most of the victims of Opera t ion Sun Devil still have neither been charged nor had their proper ty returned to them.)

DOI: 10.1145/153520.153551

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