Bilinear forms on the Dirichlet space

  title={Bilinear forms on the Dirichlet space},
  author={Nicola Arcozzi and Richard Rochberg and Eric Sawyer and Brett D. Wick},
  journal={Analysis \& PDE},
Let $\mathcal{D}$ be the classical Dirichlet space, the Hilbert space of holomorphic functions on the disk. Given a holomorphic symbol function $b$ we define the associated Hankel type bilinear form, initially for polynomials f and g, by $T_{b}(f,g):= _{\mathcal{D}} $, where we are looking at the inner product in the space $\mathcal{D}$. We let the norm of $T_{b}$ denotes its norm as a bilinear map from $\mathcal{D}\times\mathcal{D}$ to the complex numbers. We say a function $b$ is in the… Expand
On the Index of Invariant Subspaces in the Space of Weak Products of Dirichlet Functions
Let $$D$$D denote the classical Dirichlet space of analytic functions $$f$$f in the open unit disc $$\mathbb {D}$$D with finite Dirichlet integral, $$\int _\mathbb {D}|f'|^2 dA < \inftyExpand
Reducing Subspaces of Multiplication Operators on the Dirichlet Space
In this paper, we study the reducing subspaces for the multiplication operator by a finite Blaschke product $${\phi}$$ϕ on the Dirichlet space D. We prove that any two distinct nontrivial minimalExpand
Weak products of complete Pick spaces
Let $\mathcal H$ be the Drury-Arveson or Dirichlet space of the unit ball of $\mathbb C^d$. The weak product $\mathcal H\odot\mathcal H$ of $\mathcal H$ is the collection of all functions $h$ thatExpand
Commutators in the two-weight setting
Let R be the vector of Riesz transforms on $$ \mathbb R ^{n}$$Rn, and let $$\mu ,\lambda \in A_p$$μ,λ∈Ap be two weights on $$ \mathbb R ^{n}$$Rn, $$ 1< p < \infty $$1<p<∞. The two-weight normExpand
Bilinear forms on potential spaces in the unit circle
Abstract In this paper we characterize the boundedness on the product of Sobolev spaces Hs(𝕋) × Hs(𝕋) on the unit circle 𝕋, of the bilinear form Λb with symbol b ∈ Hs(𝕋) given by $${{\Lambda}_b}Expand
Weak products of Dirichlet functions
Abstract For a Hilbert space H of functions let H ⊙ H be the space of weak products of functions in H , i.e. all functions h that can be written as h = ∑ i = 1 ∞ f i g i for some f i , g i ∈ H with ∑Expand
Some Aspects of Function Theory for Dirichlet-type Spaces
Let μ[mu] be a nonnegative Borel measure on the boundary T[unit circle] of the unit disc and define φμ[phi mu] to be the harmonic function φμ(z) = ∫ [integral]T 1− |z|[square] |ζ[zeta]− z|2 dμ(ζ).Expand
Hankel Forms and Embedding Theorems in Weighted Dirichlet Spaces
We show that for a fixed operator-valued analytic function $g$ the boundedness of the bilinear (Hankel-type) form $(f,h)\to\int_\D\trace{g'^*fh'}(1-|z|^2)^\alpha \, \ud A$, defined on appropriateExpand
Weak factorization and Hankel forms for weighted Bergman spaces on the unit ball
We establish weak factorizations for a weighted Bergman space $$A^p_{\alpha }$$Aαp, with $$1<p<\infty $$1<p<∞, into two weighted Bergman spaces on the unit ball of $$\mathbb {C}^n$$Cn. To obtain thisExpand
Essentially hyponormal multiplication operators on the Dirichlet space
On the Dirichlet space D, we show that there is a multiplier f of D such that $$M_f$$Mf is not essentially hyponormal, i.e. $$\pi (M_f)$$π(Mf) is not hyponormal in the Calkin algebra $$B(D)/\mathcalExpand


Hankel Operators in Several Complex Variables and Product $BMO\zProd$
$H^2\zProd$ denotes the Hardy space of square integrable functions analytic in each variable separately. Let $P^{\ominus}$ be the natural projection of $L^2\zProd$ onto $\z8{H^2\zProd}$. A HankelExpand
A characterization of product BMO by commutators
Let b be a function on the plane. Let H_j, j=1,2, be the Hilbert transform acting on the j-th coordinate on the plane. We show that the operator norm of the double commutator [[ M_b, H_1], H_2] isExpand
Factorization theorems for Hardy spaces in several variables
The purpose of this paper is to extend to Hardy spaces in several variables certain well known factorization theorems on the unit disk. The extensions will be carried out for various spaces ofExpand
Hankel operators on the Bergman space of bounded symmetric domains
Let Q be a bounded symmetric domain in Cin with normalized volume measure dV. Let P be the orthogonal projection from L 2(Q, d V) onto the Bergman space La(Q) of holomorphic functions in L 2(Q, d V)Expand
The Schrödinger operator on the energy space: boundedness and compactness criteria
We characterize the class of measurable functions (or, more generally, realor complexvalued distributions) V such that the Schr5dinger operator H=-A§ maps the energy o space L~(R n) to its dualExpand
Carleson Measures and Interpolating Sequences for Besov Spaces on Complex Balls
Introduction A tree structure for the unit ball $\mathbb{B}_n$ in $\mathbb{C}^n$ Carleson measures Pointwise multipliers Interpolating sequences An almost invariant holomorphic derivative BesovExpand
We characterize the universal interpolating sequences for the Dirichlet space, D, and reduce the characterization of the usual interpolating sequences to a question about zero sets for D. We answerExpand
spaces of several variables, Acta Math. 129 (1972),137-193.[3] K. HANSSON, Imbedding theorems of Sobolev type in potential theory, Math. Scand. 45(1979), 77-102.[4] J. L. JOURNE, Calderόn-ZygmundExpand
Function Spaces and Potential Theory
The subject of this book is the interplay between function space theory and potential theory. A crucial step in classical potential theory is the identification of the potential energy of a chargeExpand
We prove a bounded decomposition for higher order Hankel forms and characterize the first order Hochschild cohomology groups of the disk algebra with coefficients in the space of bounded HankelExpand