Biliary obstruction: evaluation with three-dimensional MR cholangiography.

  title={Biliary obstruction: evaluation with three-dimensional MR cholangiography.},
  author={Ken Morimoto and Mamoru Shimoi and Toshiro Shirakawa and Yoshio Aoki and Soo-Jung Choi and Yasuyoshi Miyata and Koji Hara},
  volume={183 2},
Three-dimensional (3D) magnetic resonance (MR) projection imaging was evaluated as a noninvasive alternative to direct cholangiography in 12 patients with malignancy-related obstructive jaundice. The 3D images of the bile ducts were formed by subjecting consecutive coronal MR images obtained with a fast imaging method to a maximum-intensity projection algorithm. Dilatation and obstruction of the biliary system were well documented in all cases, and good correlation between findings at 3D MR… CONTINUE READING


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