Bile acids: from digestion to cancers.

  title={Bile acids: from digestion to cancers.},
  author={Marine Baptissart and Aur{\'e}lie V{\'e}ga and Salwan Maqdasy and Françoise Caira and Silv{\`e}re Baron and Jean Marc A Lobaccaro and David H. Volle},
  volume={95 3},
Bile acids (BAs) are cholesterol metabolites that have been extensively studied these last decades. BAs have been classified in two groups. Primary BAs are synthesized in liver, when secondary BAs are produced by intestinal bacteria. Recently, next to their ancestral roles in digestion and fat solubilization, BAs have been described as signaling molecules involved in many physiological functions, such as glucose and energy metabolisms. These signaling pathways involve the activation of the… CONTINUE READING


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