Bilateral testicular germ cell tumors: a report of 20 cases.

  title={Bilateral testicular germ cell tumors: a report of 20 cases.},
  author={Karl Scheiber and Daniel Ackermann and Urs E Studer},
  journal={The Journal of urology},
  volume={138 1},
Of 412 patients with unilateral testicular cancer 20 (4.3 per cent) suffered a second primary germ cell tumor: 1 had a simultaneous bilateral tumor and in the remaining 19 the second tumor was diagnosed after an interval of 2 months to 32 years. Patients with clinical stages III and IV disease were found only in the group with a second tumor. In 5 patients known risk factors for the development of testicular tumors were found and in 2 prior testicular biopsies showed carcinoma in situ… CONTINUE READING
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