Bilateral series in terms of mixed mock modular forms

  title={Bilateral series in terms of mixed mock modular forms},
  author={Bin Chen and Haigang Zhou},
  journal={Journal of Inequalities and Applications},
The number of strongly unimodal sequences of weight n is denoted by u∗(n)$u^{*}(n)$. The generating functions for {u∗(n)}n=1∞$\{u^{*}(n)\}_{n=1}^{\infty}$ are U∗(q)=∑n=1∞u∗(n)qn$U^{*}(q)=\sum_{n=1}^{\infty}u^{*}(n)q^{n}$. Rhoades recently gave a precise asymptotic for u∗(n)$u^{*}(n)$ by expressing U∗(q)$U^{*}(q)$ as a mixed mock modular form. In this note, by revisiting the mixed mock modular form associated to U∗(q)$U^{*}(q)$, three new mixed mock modular forms are constructed by considering… CONTINUE READING