Bilateral sciatic nerve palsy following a bariatic operation.


Iatrogenic nerve injuries have been rarely reported following laparoscopic abdominal surgeries. These can be serious complications with the potential for long-term disability. We present a rare case of bilateral sciatic nerve palsy following laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy on a super-super-obese male with BMI 78.04 kg/m2. The procedure was completed laparoscopically in 7 hours duration, and in spite of adequate precautions, he developed bilateral sciatic nerve palsy. Nerve conduction studies showed denervation of L5/S1 confirming the diagnosis. The patient showed gradual recovery with physiotherapy, and at 18 months follow-up he was mobilizing without any walking aids, with BMI 47.34 kg/m2. Compressive nerve injuries following prolonged laparoscopic operations should be included in the list of procedural complications, especially in morbidly obese patients where the risk is significantly higher.

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