Bilateral odontogenic keratocyst of the mandible.


Odontogenic keratocyst (OKC) is a cyst of dental origin with an aggressive clinical behavior, having high recurrence rate. Multiple cysts are associated with bifid-rib basal cell nevus syndrome (Gorlin syndrome). We present a case of bilateral odontogenic keratocyst in a cleft lip patient.

DOI: 10.1007/s12663-010-0109-5

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@article{Ram2014BilateralOK, title={Bilateral odontogenic keratocyst of the mandible.}, author={Hari Ram and Shadab Mohammad and Nuzhat Husain and Shalini R. Gupta and Ajay Kumar}, journal={Journal of maxillofacial and oral surgery}, year={2014}, volume={13 3}, pages={341-5} }