Bilateral myringoplasty in chronic otitis media.

  title={Bilateral myringoplasty in chronic otitis media.},
  author={Per Cay{\'e}-Thomasen and Torfinnur Rubek Nielsen and Mirko Tos},
  journal={The Laryngoscope},
  volume={117 5},
OBJECTIVE A theoretical risk of iatrogenic sensorineural hearing loss (HL) during surgery has induced a reluctance to perform bilateral myringoplasty/tympanoplasty type I among some otosurgeons. This paper presents results of bilateral surgery in 26 patients. MATERIAL AND METHODS Twenty-six patients with bilateral, dry tympanic membrane perforations caused by chronic otitis media were selected prospectively for bilateral myringoplasty/tympanoplasty type I (52 ears) at a tertiary referral… CONTINUE READING


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