Bilateral insufficiency hip fractures after bariatric surgery

  title={Bilateral insufficiency hip fractures after bariatric surgery},
  author={V{\'i}ctor Barro and Jorge H. N{\'u}{\~n}ez and Albert Gargallo-Margarit and Andrea Sallent and Marc Aguilar and Aymee Hernandez Hernandez},
  journal={Osteoporosis International},
Bariatric surgery is one of the most common surgeries within developed countries due to the increase in morbid obesity that has been observed in the past decades. The short-term alterations in the metabolism of calcium and vitamin D are well known after these procedures; however, the clinical and biochemical consequences may not be detected for years or even remain undiagnosed. We present the first case of bilateral insufficiency hip fracture after years of bariatric surgery. Although this is a… CONTINUE READING