Bilateral fetal grafts for Parkinson's disease: 22 months' results.

  title={Bilateral fetal grafts for Parkinson's disease: 22 months' results.},
  author={Robert Paul Iacono and Zhongmei Tang and John C. Mazziotta and Scott Grafton and Margaret Hoehn},
  journal={Stereotactic and functional neurosurgery},
  volume={58 1-4},
Five patients with severe Parkinson's disease underwent bilateral multiple graft implants of nondissociated fetal mesodiencephalic tissues. Graft implantation was performed in China following CT-guided stereotactic placement of a novel delivery system. Follow-up has demonstrated substantially reduced levodopa requirements and clinical improvements of motor, postural functions and reduction of freezing and on-off phenomenon. PET utilizing [18F]-dopa, at 14 months in the first case, suggested… CONTINUE READING
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