Bilateral Superior Oblique Palsy: Etiology and Therapeutic Options

  title={Bilateral Superior Oblique Palsy: Etiology and Therapeutic Options},
  author={Pilar Merino and P. Lara Y. Rojas and Pilar G{\'o}mez de Lia{\~n}o and Hideki Fukumitsu and Jacobo M Y{\'a}{\~n}ez},
  journal={European Journal of Ophthalmology},
  pages={147 - 152}
Purpose: To study the causes of bilateral superior oblique palsy (BSOP), treatment with botulinum toxin and/or surgery, and outcome of treatment. Methods: This was an 11-year retrospective study of patients with BSOP treated with injections of botulinum toxin (Botox), surgery, or both. Treatment was considered successful when anomalous head turn and diplopia in primary gaze position and downgaze resolved. Results: Bilateral superior oblique palsy was diagnosed in 12 patients (8 male; mean age… CONTINUE READING