Bilateral Pseudomonas corneal ulcer in a disposable contact lens wearer.

  title={Bilateral Pseudomonas corneal ulcer in a disposable contact lens wearer.},
  author={C{\'e}sar Lipener and Ant{\^o}nio Lp Ribeiro},
  journal={The CLAO journal : official publication of the Contact Lens Association of Ophthalmologists, Inc},
  volume={25 2},
PURPOSE To describe a case of bilateral corneal ulcers caused by Pseudomonas in a disposable soft contact lens wearer. This case study discusses the role of patient examination, contact lens care instruction, and adequate patient supervision in reducing the risk of serious potential complications. METHODS AND RESULTS A 17 year old student who had been using disposable soft contact lenses on an extended wear basis for 6 months presented complaining of pain in the left eye. When he was examined… CONTINUE READING
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