Bilateral Intra-Areolar Polythelia: Report of a Rare Case


A very rare case of bilateral intra-areolar polythelia with two nipples in each breast is presented. There were no other associated malformations and the patient’s family history was normal. Surgical correction was performed for cosmetic reasons at the patient’s request using transposition flaps in a Z-plasty design. The aesthetic and functional results were satisfactory.

DOI: 10.1007/s00266-008-9277-9

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@article{Onesti2008BilateralIP, title={Bilateral Intra-Areolar Polythelia: Report of a Rare Case}, author={Maria Giuseppina Onesti and Tommaso Anniboletti and Graziano Spinelli and Maria Letizia Meggiorini}, journal={Aesthetic Plastic Surgery}, year={2008}, volume={34}, pages={381-384} }