Bilan organique des travertins d'Imouzzer (Maroc) : méthodologie et enseignements paléobotaniques

  title={Bilan organique des travertins d'Imouzzer (Maroc) : m{\'e}thodologie et enseignements pal{\'e}obotaniques},
  author={Jean Pierre Adolphe and Jeanine Cohen and J. Hssaida and Jean Claude Miskovsky and Andr{\'e} Weisrock and Jos{\'e} Paradas},
Organic evaluation of travertines from Imouzzer (Marocco). Paleobotanical methodology and teachings. The palynological as well as microorganic study of any kind of travertinous deposits provides a complete organic evaluation allowing the reconstitution of the former vegetation and the climate at the time of the sediment. An exemple of this is given by those from Imouzzer where we have been able to follow up variations in the seasonal climates through thousands of years.