Big data analytics in smart grids: a review

  title={Big data analytics in smart grids: a review},
  author={Yang Zhang and Tao Huang and Ettore Francesco Bompard},
  journal={Energy Informatics},
Data analytics are now playing a more important role in the modern industrial systems. Driven by the development of information and communication technology, an information layer is now added to the conventional electricity transmission and distribution network for data collection, storage and analysis with the help of wide installation of smart meters and sensors. This paper introduces the big data analytics and corresponding applications in smart grids. The characterizations of big data… 
The Role of Big Data Analytics in Smart Grid Management
This article will review the use of big data analysis techniques along with the machine learning for various applications that can be mapped for smart grid environment and discuss the various methods and algorithm to be used.
Application of Big Data in Smart Grids: Energy Analytics
This paper demonstrates a case study of load profiling using the data set that contains energy consumption readings for London households between November 2011 and February 2014 and offers elaborate discussion on the application of big data in smart grids.
Smart Grid Big Data Analytics: Survey of Technologies, Techniques, and Applications
The paper provides deep insights into various big data technologies and discusses big data analytics in the context of the smart grid and presents the challenges and opportunities brought by the advent of machine learning and big data from smart grids.
A Data Analytics/Big Data Framework for Advanced Metering Infrastructure Data
A Data Analytics/Big Data framework applied to AMI data as a tool to leverage the potential of this data within the applications in a Smart City to face the challenges arriving in energy markets.
Big Data Analytics in Smart Power Systems: A Survey Paper
  • Farhan Ahmad
  • Computer Science
    UMT Artificial Intelligence Review
  • 2021
In this study, a scientific approach used to help the power system is studied and different survey papers are reviewed to investigate the key challenges of integrating Big Data Analytics (BDA) with smart grid.
Big Data analytics in Smart Grids for renewable energy networks: Systematic review of information and communication technology tools
A bibliometric and bibliographic review about Big Data Analytics, ICT tools of industry 4.0 and Business intelligence was carried out in different databases available in the public domain and the results indicate the importance of the use of data analytics and business intelligence in the management of energy companies.
A Comprehensive Review on Sustainable Aspects of Big Data Analytics for Smart Grid
The role of energy is cardinal for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the enhancement and modernization of energy generation and management practices. The smart grid enables
Data Management in Smart Grid
This chapter builds on the concepts of data management and analytics in SG to build the foundation needed for data analytics to transform Big Data for high‐value action.
Role of Big Data Analytics in Power System Application
Role of Big Data in various industrialization in brief and specifically applied in the power system studies along with other sectors focuses on using very large data collections, which are difficult to access in standard database systems and also refers to as big data, to manage and monitor the power systems.
Data Quality Management Framework for Smart Grid Systems
A new data quality management framework is proposed that classifies the typical data quality problems into related data quality dimensions, contexts, as well as countermeasures and offers practical guidance to improve data quality in smart grids.


Big data issues in smart grid – A review
Application Technology of Big Data in Smart Distribution Grid and Its Prospect Analysis
In aspects of electricity demand forecasting and coordinated scheduling of power supply and load, development trend analysis and optimal planning of smart distribution grid structure, smart power utilization and network dissipation reduction, the application prospect of big data is analyzed, and the application roadmap is presented.
Scenario Analysis and Application Research on Big Data in Smart Power Distribution and Consumption Systems
  • Wang Jiy
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • 2015
The paper described the big data and its characteristics, the overall business requirements and application scenarios based on big data were analyzed, and the technological framework onbig data in power distribution and consumption systems was presented.
Big data issues in smart grid systems
This paper presents a review on smart grids and big data. In order to achieve this, available articles in the literature were reviewed in perception with the features of big data and smart grids.
Big Data Application Requirements and Scenario Analysis in Smart Distribution Network
The powerful computation and analysis condition can become potential by using big data technique application in SDN, which can provide strong support for plan and safety operation, and the health level of DN devices can be improved.
A Spatiotemporal Data Summarization Approach for Real-Time Operation of Smart Grid
The proposed summarization approach is suitable for processing spatiotemporal streams, and it can also provide answers in real-time to various smart grid applications (e.g., demand-side management, direct load control, smart pricing and Volt-VAr control).
Sparse and Redundant Representation-Based Smart Meter Data Compression and Pattern Extraction
The K-SVD sparse representation technique, which includes two phases (dictionary learning and sparse coding), is used to decompose load profiles into linear combinations of several partial usage patterns (PUPs), which allows the smart meter data to be compressed and hidden electricity consumption patterns to be extracted.
Analysis and Clustering of Residential Customers Energy Behavioral Demand Using Smart Meter Data
In-depth analysis of customer smart meter data is presented to better understand the peak demand and major sources of variability in their behavior, and the first time in the power systems literature that the sample robustness of the clustering has been tested.