Big Historical Foundations for Deep Future Speculations: Cosmic Evolution, Atechnogenesis, and Technocultural Civilization

  title={Big Historical Foundations for Deep Future Speculations: Cosmic Evolution, Atechnogenesis, and Technocultural Civilization},
  author={Cadell Last},
  journal={Foundations of Science},
  • C. Last
  • Published 2017
  • Sociology
  • Foundations of Science
Abstract Big historians are attempting to construct a general holistic narrative of human origins enabling an approach to studying the emergence of complexity, the relation between evolutionary processes, and the modern context of human experience and actions. In this paper I attempt to explore the past and future of cosmic evolution within a big historical foundation characterized by physical, biological, and cultural eras of change. From this analysis I offer a model of the human future that… 

Cosmic Evolutionary Philosophy and a Dialectical Approach to Technological Singularity

This paper seeks to reframe the human position and relationship to such processes by approaching technological singularity from the internal subjective view of the conscious ideational landscape of human mind in-itself via the triadic logic of negative dialectics.

Fire & Language: The Two-Faced Process of Progress in Deep-Structural Sociocultural Evolution

Abstract This paper attempts to show how the inherent structure of human becoming is evolutionarily determined to work toward a “meta-system transition” to a higher order of control with a growing

Symbolic Orders and Structure of Universal Internalization

Big History is a theoretical field attempting to ground a historical evolutionary view of the physical universe. However, in this paper the author argues that such a view by necessity can only remain

Complexity, Progress, and Hierarchy in Evolution

A view of evolution characterized as a progressive process toward successively higher levels of complexity, thus also embracing human cultural evolution, is depicted in a diagram of complexity versus time, thus forming a new kind of a Tree of Life.

The Tajectory of Evolution and Its Implications for Humanity

Does the Big History of life on Earth disclose a trajectory that has been driven by selection? If so, will the trajectory continue to apply into the future? This paper argues that such a trajectory

Refounding legitimacy towards Aethogenesis

It is argued that the world is woven of simple though invisible perspectives which - if the authors become aware of them - may renew their ability for making judgments and enhance their autonomy.

Threshold 9: Big History as a Roadmap for the Future

It is a strange and fascinating time to be alive. Modern societies and lifeways are changing faster than ever as new technologies rapidly reshape the nature of modern institutions, modes of

Post-Anthropocene Conservation.

Technological Forecasting & Social Change Global Commons in the Global Brain

Article history: Received 9 November 2015 Received in revised form 10 June 2016 Accepted 11 June 2016 Available online xxxx The next decade (present to ~2020–2025) could be characterized by




Religious views of the future often include detailed expectations of profound changes to nature and humanity. Popular American evangelical Christianity, especially writers like Hal Lindsey, Rick

The biological myth of human evolution

It is perversely unscientific to try and imagine human evolution as simply a succession of biological processes and effects, but without confronting the cultural aspects of human evolution, one cannot approximate the reality of human origins or human nature.


Abstract Transhumanism is a modern expression of ancient and transcultural aspirations to radically transform human existence, socially and bodily. Before the Enlightenment these aspirations were

Major transitions in ‘big’ history

Forecast for the Next Eon: Applied Cosmology and the Long-Term Fate of Intelligent Beings

Cosmology seems extremely remote from everyday human practice and experience. It is usually taken for granted that cosmological data cannot rationally influence our beliefs about the fate of

A unifying concept for astrobiology

  • E. Chaisson
  • Physics
    International Journal of Astrobiology
  • 2003
Evolution, broadly construed, has become a powerful unifying concept in much of science – not only in the biological evolution of plants and animals, but also in the physical evolution of stars and

Causes and timing of future biosphere extinction

We present a minimal model for the global carbon cycle of the Earth containing the reservoirs mantle, ocean floor, continental crust, biosphere, and the kerogen, as well as the aggregated reservoir

The Structure of Evolutionary Theory

Defining and Revising the Structure of Evolutionary Theory and the Integration of Constraint and Adaptation in Ontogeny and Phylogeny: Historical Constraints and the Evolution of Development.

The Future of Life and What it Means for Humanity

Vidal’s (Found Sci, 2010) and Rottiers’s (Found Sci, 2010) commentaries on my (2010) paper raised a number of important issues about the possible future trajectory of evolution and its implications