Big Food corporations and the nutritional marketing and regulation of processed foods

  title={Big Food corporations and the nutritional marketing and regulation of processed foods},
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Ultraprocessed Products as Food Fortification Alternatives: A Critical Appraisal from Latin America
The implications of adding micronutrients to UPPs with excessive amounts of critical nutrients associated with NCDs are described and recommendations for legislation and policies are provided.
Market strategies used by processed food manufacturers to increase and consolidate their power: a systematic review and document analysis
The typological framework developed is well-placed to inform general and jurisdiction-specific market strategy analyses of dominant processed food manufacturers, and has the potential to assist in identifying countervailing public policies that could be used to address market-power imbalances as part of efforts to improve population diets.
The Determinants of Discretionary Front-of-Package Food Labelling
Front-of-package (FOP) nutrition labelling is pervasive in Canada and occurs at the discretion of manufacturers. While there is evidence to suggest FOP labelling can impact product sales, other work
Genome‐Nutrition Divergence: Evolving understandings of the malnutrition spectrum
The human diet over time is surveyed to characterize what constitutes a healthy diet and to contrast dietary quality in modern food systems, and food systems shifts are explored as a means to realign modern diets with the nutritional patterns on which the authors are adapted to thrive.
No. 01: Hungry Cities of the Global South
The recent inclusion of an urban Sustainable Development Goal in the Post-2015 UN Development Agenda represents an important acknowledgement of the reality of global urbanization and the many social,


Nutritionism: The Science and Politics of Dietary Advice
The Year in Review
To recap, it was in May 2011 with a view to securing the strongest possible future for the Canadian accounting profession – that the leadership of Canada’s Chartered Accounting profession and that of
Food Security, Nutrition and Sustainability
This book discusses Food Security, Nutrition and Sustainability in a Globalized World, and draws evidence from the Food System for Future Policy.
Processed foods and the nutrition transition: evidence from Asia
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    Obesity reviews : an official journal of the International Association for the Study of Obesity
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It is suggested that more action is needed by policy‐makers to prevent or mitigate processed food consumption, and comprehensive policy and regulatory approaches are most likely to be effective in achieving these goals.
Food for thought . The Economist
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Unequal food systems, unhealthy diets
  • Food security , nutrition and sustainability
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The Marketing and Distribution of Fast Food
There is an emerging consensus that the study of childhood obesity should go beyond the medical interventionist model and incorporate multiple levels of analysis, and obesity should be framed as a complex system in which behavior is affected by multiple individual-level and socioenvironmental factors rather than solely by individual choice.
Food Policy: Integrating Health, Environment and Society
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