Big Data in Logistics and Supply Chain management - a rethinking step

  • Durba Ghosh
  • Published 2015 in
    2015 International Symposium on Advanced…


Today's business is highly turbulent due to high-end competition. Every company wants to survive and continue to strive for higher market share. Companies are continuously trying to meet the expectations of the customers. Customers' needs and wants are fast changing. Companies are investing heavily in creating Information Technology support and platform so as to facilitate the businesses. Logistics and Supply Chain are the vital wings of any business. Big Data in different aspect is helping the businesses in the areas of Logistics and Supply Chain. Through Big Data businesses are in a position to collect, update, store, use versatile set of data relating to different processes and activities of the business. Timely, fast and effective decisions can be taken in businesses with the help of Big Data.

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