Big Data and Visualization: Methods, Challenges and Technology Progress

  title={Big Data and Visualization: Methods, Challenges and Technology Progress},
  author={Lidong Wang and Guanghui Wang and Cheryl Ann Alexander},
Big Data analytics plays a key role through reducing the data size and complexity in Big Data applications. Visualization is an important approach to helping Big Data get a complete view of data and discover data values. Big Data analytics and visualization should be integrated seamlessly so that they work best in Big Data applications. Conventional data visualization methods as well as the extension of some conventional methods to Big Data applications are introduced in this paper. The… 

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This paper focuses on the explanation of the essential challenges of big data visualization in the real-time stream and discusses the importance of data visualization.

Massive data visualization analysis analysis of current visualization techniques and main challenges for the future

The state of the art on massive data visualization, main problems and challenges of information representation current techniques as well as the evolution of the tools and the future of them, in other words, new functionalities to offer are analyzed.

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This paper discusses the revision of 83 articles on visualization techniques for Big Data of the last six years for the future realization of a comparative analysis of these techniques and to determine which are the most optimistic when analyzing Big Data.

Data Visualization Techniques and Algorithms

In this chapter, the behavior of animals is explored to help create a method and an algorithm for data visualization suited for big data visualization.

High Dimensional Data Visualization: Advances and Challenges

The advancements made so far in visualizing high dimensional data and the challenges that should be addressed in future researches are described.

Comparative Analysis of Tools for Big Data Visualization and Challenges

This chapter proposes to analyze data visualization tools in the form of their strengths and weaknesses in big datasets in order to allow user to go with the best visualization tool for analyzing the big data based on the nature of the dataset.

Big data visualization: Tools and challenges

Why big data visualization is of utmost importance, how to visualize such a mammoth amount of data in real time or in static form and some bigData visualization tools are discussed.

Big Data Trends and Analytics: A Survey

This paper has discussed concept of Big Data, characteristics and challenges, its main focus is over data generated in various sector, analytics and various tools to manage data.



Analytical Review of Data Visualization Methods in Application to Big Data

There are some specific problems in Big Data visualization, so there are definitions for these problems and a set of approaches to avoid them and a classification of visualization methods in application to Big Data is provided.

Big Data Visualization Collaborative Filtering Algorithm Based on RHadoop

A new big data visualization algorithm analysis integrated model that integrates the processing of big data and the visualization of data as a whole and contains all the advantages of Map Reduce is proposed.

Immersive and collaborative data visualization using virtual reality platforms

Immersion provides benefits beyond the traditional “desktop” visualization tools: it leads to a demonstrably better perception of a datascape geometry, more intuitive data understanding, and a better retention of the perceived relationships in the data.

Changing the Equation on Scientific Data Visualization

New database technologies, coupled with emerging Web-based technologies, may hold the key to lowering the cost of visualization generation and allow it to become a more integral part of the scientific process.

Optimizing star-coordinate visualization models for effective interactive cluster exploration on big data

  • Keke Chen
  • Computer Science
    Intell. Data Anal.
  • 2014
This paper systematically study the star-coordinate based visualization models and proposes the optimized design that presents the best visualization results and supports the most efficient interaction methods.

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The purpose of this piece of document is to collect all visualization techniques with their brief introduction to form a guide for the young researchers who wants to start work in visualization.

imMens: Real‐time Visual Querying of Big Data

Methods for interactive visualization of big data, following the principle that perceptual and interactive scalability should be limited by the chosen resolution of the visualized data, not the number of records are presented.

Social Network Visualization Method using Inherence Relationship of User Based on Cloud

The proposed cloud based on visualization method can intuitionally understand the user's social relationship since the method uses correlation matrix to represent a hierarchical relationship of user nodes of social network.

The Visual Organization: Data Visualization, Big Data, and the Quest for Better Decisions

The Visual Organization is fundamentally about how progressive organizations today are using a wide array of dataviz tools to ask better questions of their data and make better business decisions, and serves as a useful and jargon-free overview of a very important subject: Big Data.

Research Challenges for Visualization Software

As the visualization research community reorients its software to address up-coming challenges, it must successfully deal with diverse processor architectures, distributed systems, various data