Big Data and Hadoop-a Study in Security Perspective

  title={Big Data and Hadoop-a Study in Security Perspective},
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A Review on Big Data and Cloud Computing Security

Survey of big data with clouds computing security mechanisms is given, that helps to protect, secure and preserve the data stored on cloud.

Security Measures Assessment for Big Data Management Systems

This paper aims to highlight the Big Data security problems, as well as the recent statistics showing the number of vulnerabilities that attack these systems, which prevent them to work safely.

A Survey on Data Security System for Cloud Using Hadoop

This survey gives the information about the big data issues and it mainly deals more on security issue that comes across in Hadoop.

Hadoop Security Challenges and Its Solution Using KNOX

This paper shows an idea of new approach of designing a Knox’ified Hadoop cluster, which can evaluate mixed data (structured and unstructured) from multiple sources.

Big Data Security Threats and Prevention Measures in Cloud and Hadoop

This paper provides a literature review on security threats and privacy issues of big data, Hadoop concurrent processing and makes use of recently developed approach called sticky policies and the existing security framework to improve security.

A Review on Hadoop Eco System for Big Data

  • A. RajRio G. L. D'Souza
  • Computer Science
    International Journal of Scientific Research in Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology
  • 2019
This paper brief on the Hadoop architecture and hadoop eco system, which deals with the implementation of various industry use cases in the era of information age.

A Survey on Security of the Hadoop Framework in the Environment of Bigdata

An investigation into existing security solutions for Apache Hadoop security in sensitive data which is stored on a huge data platform employing distributed computing on a cluster of commodity devices is conducted.

Big Data Security Problem Based on Hadoop Framework

This study investigates the security issues in Big Data ecosystem by using Hadoop, the most widely used Big Data Framework, and examines common security holes such as weak access controls, unsafe communication infrastructure, weak user interface, and lack of encryption.

Challenges and Security Issues in Implementation of Hadoop Technology in Current Digital Era

This paper focuses on the review of HDFS 0, HDFS 2.0 and HDFS2.8 architecture, and its various functionalities including analytical and security features.

Implementation Analysis of MapReduce, Pig and Hive

  • A. Raj
  • Computer Science
    International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology
  • 2019
The implementation analysis of MapReduce, Pig and Hive approaches is discussed, which shows Hadoop framework has been emerged as the most effective and widely adopted framework for Big Data processing.



Big Data Processing in Cloud Computing Environments

This paper presents the key issues of big data processing, including cloud computing platform, cloud architecture, cloud database and data storage scheme, and introduces Map Reduce optimization strategies and applications reported in the literature.

Hive - a petabyte scale data warehouse using Hadoop

Hive is presented, an open-source data warehousing solution built on top of Hadoop that supports queries expressed in a SQL-like declarative language - HiveQL, which are compiled into map-reduce jobs that are executed using Hadoops.

Application Denial of Service Attacks Detection using Group Testing Based Approach

The mechanisms for detecting the application dos attacks which is a new class of Dos attack which aims at disrupting the application service rather than depleting the network services are explored.

MapReduce: simplified data processing on large clusters

This presentation explains how the underlying runtime system automatically parallelizes the computation across large-scale clusters of machines, handles machine failures, and schedules inter-machine communication to make efficient use of the network and disks.

Public-Key Cryptography Enabled Kerberos Authentication

This paper aims to do this by implementing the most important public-key cryptography extension specifications to the traditional Kerberos standard which incorporate public-keys infrastructure (PKI) into the scope of underlying systems trusted by Kerbero, and performs qualitative experimental measurements on these specifications.

An effective model for QoS assessment in data caching in MANET environments

A theoretical model has been formulated to assess the performance factors such as cooperative cache, mobility and hand-off and routing technique and the performance improvement of DCM in MANET has been proved experimentally using cache hit and data consistency using appropriate simulation.

QoS enhancements for global replication management in peer to peer networks

Ant Colony Optimization for Data Cache Technique in MANET

Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) technique is used to enhance the efficiency of data cache system in MANET at higher level and analysis from simulation of the proposed work shows thatData cache system efficiency can be improved using DST technique.

Highly reliable synchronous and asynchronous remote procedure calls

  • L. E. HeindelV. Kasten
  • Computer Science
    Conference Proceedings of the 1996 IEEE Fifteenth Annual International Phoenix Conference on Computers and Communications
  • 1996
The authors have implemented prototype UNIX(R) HR RPCs using a minimal queued transaction processing system that operates between a client application program and the DCE RPC mechanism, and have extended it to provide asynchronous remote procedure calls, as well as priority and concurrency control.