Big Data Security and Privacy Issues in Healthcare

  title={Big Data Security and Privacy Issues in Healthcare},
  author={Harsh Kupwade Patil and R. Seshadri},
  journal={2014 IEEE International Congress on Big Data},
  • H. PatilR. Seshadri
  • Published 27 June 2014
  • Medicine, Computer Science, Political Science
  • 2014 IEEE International Congress on Big Data
With the ever-increasing cost for healthcare and increased health insurance premiums, there is a need for proactive healthcare and wellness. In addition, the new wave of digitizing medical records has seen a paradigm shift in the healthcare industry. As a result, the healthcare industry is witnessing an increase in sheer volume of data in terms of complexity, diversity and timeliness. As healthcare experts look for every possible way to lower costs while improving care process, delivery and… 

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