Big Data Preventive Maintenance for Hard Disk Failure Detection

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CS 687 Capstone Project Related Work Improved Predictive Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Maintenance Using Business Analytics and Cloud Services
This research paper reviews data analytics technologies that are using with existing predictive maintenance in aviation or other industries and compares each technology of the existing maintenance methods with a Proposed Maintenance Method (PMM) that uses Microsoft Power BI and Azure to verify which maintenance method is better to improve UAV reliability.


Prognostics and health management of electronics
  • N. Vichare, M. Pecht
  • Engineering
    IEEE Transactions on Components and Packaging Technologies
  • 2006
This paper presents the state of practice and the current state-of-research in the area of electronics prognostics and health management, and four current approaches include built-in-test, use of fuses and canary devices, monitoring and reasoning of failure precursors, and modeling accumulated damage based on measured life-cycle loads.
Some Studies in Machine Learning Using the Game of Checkers
  • A. Samuel
  • Computer Science
    IBM J. Res. Dev.
  • 1959
A new signature-table technique is described together with an improved book-learning procedure which is thought to be much superior to the linear polynomial method and to permit the program to look ahead to a much greater depth than it otherwise could do.