Big Data

  title={Big Data},
  author={Dominik Klein and Phuoc Tran-Gia and Matthias Hartmann},
Morteza Mardani,∗, Gonzalo Mateos∗∗ and Georgios B. Giannakisa,† ∗Stanford University, Department of Electrical Engineering, 350 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA, 94305 ∗∗University of Rochester, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 413 Hopeman, Rochester, NY, 14627 †University of Minnesota, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 200 Union Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455 aCorresponding: 
Service Management und Service Operations
  • J. Leimeister
  • Computer Science
    Dienstleistungsengineering und -management
  • 2019
Dieses Kapitel erlautert die Aufgaben und Ziele des IT-Service-Managements sowie das Referenzmodell ITIL. Auserdem wird der Begriff DevOps im Zusammenhang mit Microservices und der Cloud erklart. Es
Collective Sensing Platforms
This chapter provides an overview of web-based information and communications technology platforms that collect and display sensor based information and discusses specific technological challenges, covering the complete data cycle from the smartphone application to the web system, and its effectiveness.
The study on the out-structure information classification based on observers
This thesis first discusses information classification in a broad perspective, using a method different from traditional ones which only pay attention to technology and ignore integrity, and proposes the three dimension information model of “physical entities - information entities - observers”.
IT-Unterstützung für das Prozessmanagement
Prozessmanagement wird oft mit IT-Werkzeugen in Verbindung gebracht. Zunachst einmal ist Prozessmanagement eine Methode, um die Arbeit im Unternehmen besser zu verstehen und kontinuierlich zu
Technologie in der grenzenlosen Unternehmung – Digitalisierung als Beschleuniger der Grenzöffnung?
Wie in Kap. 1 gezeigt, lassen sich ubergreifende technologische Trends als ein wesentlicher Enabler fur die Auflosung existierender Unternehmensstrukturen und die Herausbildung veranderter inner- und
Soziale Medien in der empirischen Forschung
  • F. Zeller
  • Political Science
    Springer Reference Sozialwissenschaften
  • 2020
Der Beitrag bietet einen Uberblick zu sozialen Medien in der empirischen Forschung mit einem methodologischen und instrumentellen Fokus. Es werden die unterschiedlichen Methoden diskutiert, welche
BISHOP - Big Data Driven Self-Learning Support for High-performance Ontology Population
This paper provides an example-driven view on the Bishop project for Big Data driven self-learning support for high-performance ontology population and outlines workflows, components and use cases in the context of the project and discusses methodological as well as implementation issues.
Spherical fuzzy extension of AHP‐ARAS methods integrated with modified k‐means clustering for logistics hub location problem
Like most other industries, logistics services are currently encountering enormous transformation. Many companies worldwide are applying big data analytics to implement operational strategies and
Big Data in the Metal Processing Value Chain: A Systematic Digitalization Approach under Special Consideration of Standardization and SMEs
Within the rise of the fourth industrial revolution, the role of Big Data became increasingly important for a successful digital transformation in the manufacturing environment. The acquisition,
From big data to big analysis: a perspective of geographical conditions monitoring
ABSTRACT The idea of the geographical condition focuses on the analysis, study and description of the national condition from a geographical perspective. The first Census of National Geographical


Modeling and Optimization for Big Data Analytics: (Statistical) learning tools for our era of data deluge
This article contributes to the ongoing cross-disciplinary efforts in data science by putting forth encompassing models capturing a wide range of SP-relevant data analytic tasks, such as principal component analysis (PCA), dictionary learning (DL), compressive sampling (CS), and subspace clustering.
Parallel and Distributed Computation: Numerical Methods
This work discusses parallel and distributed architectures, complexity measures, and communication and synchronization issues, and it presents both Jacobi and Gauss-Seidel iterations, which serve as algorithms of reference for many of the computational approaches addressed later.
On GROUSE and incremental SVD
  • L. Balzano, Stephen J. Wright
  • Computer Science
    2013 5th IEEE International Workshop on Computational Advances in Multi-Sensor Adaptive Processing (CAMSAP)
  • 2013
This paper modifications the incremental SVD approach to handle missing data, and demonstrates that this modified approach is equivalent to GROUSE, for a certain choice of an algorithmic parameter.
Statistical Analysis of Network Data: Methods and Models
This book provides an up-to-date treatment of the foundations common to the statistical analysis of network data across the disciplines, and is the first such resource to present material on all of these core topics in one place.
Parallel stochastic gradient algorithms for large-scale matrix completion
Jellyfish, an algorithm for solving data-processing problems with matrix-valued decision variables regularized to have low rank, is developed, which is orders of magnitude more efficient than existing codes.
Classification of streaming big data with misses
A novel approach that leverages the intrinsic low-dimensionality of (possibly large-scale) data to design a support-vector-machine (SVM) classifier from feature vectors with misses `on the fly' is advocated.
DMFSGD: A Decentralized Matrix Factorization Algorithm for Network Distance Prediction
This paper formulates the prediction problem as matrix completion where the unknown entries in a pairwise distance matrix constructed from a network are to be predicted, and assumes that the distance matrix has low-rank characteristics, so the problem is solvable by low- rank approximation based on matrix factorization.
Distributed Optimization and Statistical Learning via the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
It is argued that the alternating direction method of multipliers is well suited to distributed convex optimization, and in particular to large-scale problems arising in statistics, machine learning, and related areas.
Matrix Completion With Noise
This paper surveys the novel literature on matrix completion and introduces novel results showing that matrix completion is provably accurate even when the few observed entries are corrupted with a small amount of noise, and shows that, in practice, nuclear-norm minimization accurately fills in the many missing entries of large low-rank matrices from just a few noisy samples.
Dynamic Anomalography: Tracking Network Anomalies Via Sparsity and Low Rank
Comprehensive numerical tests with both synthetic and real network data corroborate the effectiveness of the proposed online algorithms and their tracking capabilities, and demonstrate that they outperform state-of-the-art approaches developed to diagnose traffic anomalies.