Big Beautiful Women: The Body Size Preferences of Male Fat Admirers

  title={Big Beautiful Women: The Body Size Preferences of Male Fat Admirers},
  author={Viren Swami and Martin J. Tov{\'e}e},
  journal={The Journal of Sex Research},
  pages={89 - 96}
This study examined the body size ideals of a group of male fat admirers (FAs) in comparison with an age- and body mass index (BMI)-matched control sample. Forty-seven men, who were involved in the fat acceptance community, and 64 control individuals rated a series of 10 images of women that varied in BMI from emaciated to obese. As expected, the results showed that FAs rated a significantly higher BMI as the most physically attractive compared with the control sample. FAs also rated figures… 

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Correlations showed that participants' own Extraversion was associated with their body size ratings, suggesting that non-physical cues have an influence on the perception of physical beauty.

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The results showed that there were significant differences in preferences for physical attractiveness, with the indigenous Sámi preferring figures with larger BMIs and more tolerant of heavyweight figures than either Finnish participants in Helsinki or Britons in London, who were indistinguishable in their preferences for slim figures.

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The results showed that BMI is the primary determinant of female physical attractiveness, whereas WHR failed to emerge as a significant predictor, and there were significant differences in preferences for physical attractiveness along a gradient of socio-economic development.

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