Bier spots - Report of Two Cases and Review of the Literature.


Bier spots are asymptomatic white anemic macules with irregular shape located on the upper limbs and less often on the lower limbs and trunkus. They are observed predominantly in youg males and may be idiopathic or associated with other conditions. We report two cases with Bier spots in which videodermatoscopy and nailfold capillaroscopy were performed. Patient 1 was a 34-year-old otherwise healthy male who presented with white spots on his upper limbs for 10 years. Dermoscopy revealed marked narrowing of skin capillaries within the borders of white macules whereas capillaroscopy pattern was normal. Patient 2 was a 20-year-old female with symptoms of Raynaud's phenomenon who presented with white spots on the volar aspects of her hands for 2 years. The capillaroscopy showed abnormal findings with presence of homogenous enlarged capillaries. Bier spots does not require any treatment. The associated conditions found should be monitored.

DOI: 10.2174/1573397113666170615093817

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