Bidirectional SV40 transcription mediated by tandem Sp1 binding interactions.

  title={Bidirectional SV40 transcription mediated by tandem Sp1 binding interactions.},
  author={David Gidoni and James T. Kadonaga and Hugo Alberto Barrera-Salda{\~n}a and Kosaku Takahashi and Pierre Chambon and Robert Tjian},
  volume={230 4725},
The 21-base pair repeat elements of the SV40 promoter contain six tandem copies of the GGGCGG hexanucleotide (GC-box), each of which can bind, with varying affinity, to the cellular transcription factor, Sp1. In vitro SV40 early RNA synthesis is mediated by interaction of Sp1 with GC-boxes I, II, and III, whereas transcription in the late direction is mediated by binding to GC-boxes III, V, and VI. 

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