Bid Determination in Simultaneous Auctions A Case Study

  title={Bid Determination in Simultaneous Auctions A Case Study},
  author={Amy Greenwald},
ABSTRACT This paper introdu es RoxyBot, one of the top-s oring agents in the First International Trading Agent Competition. A TAC agent simulates one vision of future travel agents: it represents a set of lients in simultaneous au tions, trading omplementary (e.g., airline ti kets and hotel reservations) and substitutable (e.g., symphony and theater ti kets) goods. RoxyBot fa ed two key te hni al hallenges in TAC: (i) allo ation|assigning pur hased goods to lients at the end of a game instan e… CONTINUE READING

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Optimal solutions formulti - unit ombinatorial au tions : Bran h and boundheuristi s

  • M. C. Mozer, M. I. Jordan
  • 1995

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