Bicycle-Wheel Spoke Patterns and Spoke Fatigue

  title={Bicycle-Wheel Spoke Patterns and Spoke Fatigue},
  author={Henri P. Gavin},
  journal={Journal of Engineering Mechanics-asce},
  • H. Gavin
  • Published 1 August 1996
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of Engineering Mechanics-asce
The radial, lateral, and tangential stiffness of spoked bicycle wheels depends upon the rim's bending inertia, torsional inertia, the spoke sizes, and the spoke geometry. The spokes of three rear bicycle wheels of different spoke patterns were instrumented with strain gauges in order to investigate the effect of the spoke pattern on the spoke strain and fatigue resistance properties of the wheels. Spoke strains due to radial loads were measured in the laboratory. Time records of the strain of a… 
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loads applied to the rim.
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XLIX. The stresses in a wire wheel under side loads on the rim