Biceps-to-triceps transfer in tetraplegia. The medial route.

  title={Biceps-to-triceps transfer in tetraplegia. The medial route.},
  author={Marc Revol and Emmanuel Briand and Jean Marie Servant},
  journal={Journal of hand surgery},
  volume={24 2},
Eight tetraplegic patients (13 elbows) were treated by biceps-to-triceps transfer. To avoid the risk of radial nerve injury, we chose a medial routing of the biceps. The mean follow-up after surgery was 17.8 months (range, 4-47 months). No complications were encountered. Active extension of the elbow was achieved in each case. The mean postoperative active range of motion of the elbow was 6 degrees extension and 137 degrees flexion. After the biceps-to-triceps transfer mean extension torque of… CONTINUE READING
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