Bicaudal D induces selective dynein-mediated microtubule minus end-directed transport.

  title={Bicaudal D induces selective dynein-mediated microtubule minus end-directed transport.},
  author={Casper C Hoogenraad and Phebe Wulf and Natalia Schiefermeier and Tatiana Pavlovna Stepanova and Niels Galjart and John Victor Small and Frank Grosveld and Chris I De Zeeuw and Anna Akhmanova},
  journal={The EMBO journal},
  volume={22 22},
Bicaudal D is an evolutionarily conserved protein, which is involved in dynein-mediated motility both in Drosophila and in mammals. Here we report that the N-terminal portion of human Bicaudal D2 (BICD2) is capable of inducing microtubule minus end-directed movement independently of the molecular context. This characteristic offers a new tool to exploit the relocalization of different cellular components by using appropriate targeting motifs. Here, we use the BICD2 N-terminal domain as a… CONTINUE READING

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