Bicarbonate-sensitive soluble and transmembrane adenylyl cyclases in peripheral chemoreceptors.

  title={Bicarbonate-sensitive soluble and transmembrane adenylyl cyclases in peripheral chemoreceptors.},
  author={Ana Rita Nunes and Andrew P Holmes and V. Alaric Sample and Prem Kumar and Martin J. Cann and Em{\'i}lia Carreira Monteiro and Jin Zhang and Estelle B. Gauda},
  journal={Respiratory physiology & neurobiology},
  volume={188 2},
Stimulation of the carotid body (CB) chemoreceptors by hypercapnia triggers a reflex ventilatory response via a cascade of cellular events, which includes generation of cAMP. However, it is not known if molecular CO2/HCO3(-) and/or H(+) mediate this effect and how these molecules contribute to cAMP production. We previously reported that the CB highly expresses HCO3(-)-sensitive soluble adenylyl cyclase (sAC). In the present study we systematically characterize the role of sAC in the CB… CONTINUE READING