Bibliography of relay literature, 1994 IEEE Committee Report

  title={Bibliography of relay literature, 1994 IEEE Committee Report},
  author={Tarlochan S. Sidhu and M. Bajpai and A. N. Darlington and D. Finley and Ann Folkman and Mladen Kezunovic and W. Marsh and Rama Ramaswami and Mohindar S. Sachdev and James E Stephens and M. Swanson and S. S. Venkata and P. B. Winston},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery},
FaceLock Homes: A Contactless Smart Home Security System to Prevent COVID Transmission
This paper presents a novel IoT enabled home security system that restricts unauthorized access and at the same time ensures that permitted users are normothermic and are following proper COVID hygiene.
Design of PLC Based Automated Food Processing Machine
This work proposes to manufacture a system involving computers and electro-mechanical components for cooking two of the most widely consumed Indian delicacies Dosa (Pancake) and Idli (Rice cake).
Haptic Display Unit: IoT For Visually Impaired
This paper tries to rectify particular cons of the existing Piezoelectric Braille display designs by updating it to the solenoid activated units and to make the haptic display units more reliable by empowering with IoT functionality.
Power System Relaying
The sections in this article are 1 Design Criteria of Protective Systems 2 Abnormal Conditions 3 Symmetrical Components 4 Circuit-Interrupting Devices 5 The Nature and Purpose
Laboratory setup for teaching and research in computer-based power system protection
  • T. Sidhu, M. S. Sachdev
  • Physics
    Proceedings 1995 International Conference on Energy Management and Power Delivery EMPD '95
  • 1995
This paper describes the laboratory used for teaching and conducting research in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, in the area of computer-based