Bibliography of Relay Literature, 2000 IEEE Committee Report

  title={Bibliography of Relay Literature, 2000 IEEE Committee Report},
  author={Tarlochan S. Sidhu and M. Bajpai and Jeff Burnworth and Peter A. Crossley and A. N. Darlington and W. Marsh and Bogdan Kasztenny and Murari Mohan Saha and Mohindar S. Sachdev and James E Stephens and M. Swanson and P. B. Winston},
  journal={IEEE Power \& Energy Magazine},
Electrical power quality indices estimation during severe signal distortions in medium voltage networks
In the paper the application of nonlinear and non-recursive Newton Type estimation numerical algorithm for voltage and current spectra estimation during off-nominal frequency condition and severe
Power quality indicators estimation using robust Newton-type algorithm
A two-stage robust Newton-type numerical algorithm for power quality assessment in electric power systems is described. The robust Newton-type algorithm is applied to estimate current and voltage
Adaptive wide area protection of power systems
Studies of major blackouts reveal that power system protection devices have contributed to a majority of system disturbances. This leads to efforts of improving protection philosophy. Analysis shows
Asynchronous generator behavior after a sudden load rejection
In the paper load rejection test, performed at a hydro power plant in Sweden, equipped with asynchronous generators, is described and analysed from the electromechanical transient processes and
Synchronous and Asynchronous Generators Frequency and Harmonics Behavior after a Sudden Load Rejection
This paper describes load rejection tests done at two hydro power plants in Sweden, one equipped with synchronous and the other with asynchronous generators. During the tests, voltages and currents