Bibliography of Books and Articles Published in English on Colonialism and Imperialism in 2007

  title={Bibliography of Books and Articles Published in English on Colonialism and Imperialism in 2007},
  author={Marcella Fultz Mls},
  journal={Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History},


India's Princely States: People, Princes and Colonialism
1. People, Princes and Colonialism Waltraud Ernst and Biswamoy Pati 2. Colonial and Postcolonial Historiography and the Princely States: Relations of Power and Rituals of Legitimation Hira Singh 3.
Art and the British Empire
Part I: Settlers and Travellers The Expanded Field of the Picturesque: Contested Identities and Empire in Sydney Cove 1794 - Ian MacLean The Picturesque and the Palawa: John Glover's Mount Wellington
Dominion of New Zealand: Statesmen and Status 1907–1945
The Declaration of Independence: A Global History is a fine book with a compellingly strong argument that commands attention and reflection. To those with sufficiently good eyesight to read the
Imperialism, art and restitution
Foreword John O. Haley Introduction John Henry Merryman 1. View from the universal museum James Cuno 2. From global pillage to pillars of collaboration Talat Halman 3. Museums as centres of cultural
Race, Nation, & Empire in American History
While public debates over America's current foreign policy often treat American empire as a new phenomenon, this lively collection of essays offers a pointed reminder that visions of national and
The Arabian Frontier of the British Raj: Merchants, Rulers, and the British in the Nineteenth-Century Gulf
  • J. Onley
  • Economics, History
    Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies
  • 2009
1. Introduction 2. British India's Informal Empire and Spheres of Influence in Asia and Africa 3. British India's Native Agency System in Asia 4. The Operation of British India's Native Agency in
The New Imperial Histories Reader
The New Imperial Histories Reader is part of a series of history readers aimed at the undergraduate/ postgraduate market that have been published by Routledge over the past decade. The editor of this
"The Trauma of a Diminished Existence": Chinua Achebe Revisited
This essay discloses Chinua Achebe's ambiguous treatment of the English language throughout his carrier and advances a critique of his politics of language, presenting it as a symptom of the writer's
Algeria: Anger of the Dispossessed
After liberating itself from French colonial rule in one of the twentieth century's most brutal wars of independence, Algeria became a standard-bearer for the non-aligned movement. By the 1990s,