Bibliography of Books and Articles Published in English on Colonialism and Imperialism in 2011

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  • M. Fultz
  • Published 2012
  • History
  • Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History

Market Driven Global Directives and Social Responsibility in Higher Education

  • F. Veldman
  • Education
    African Journal of Business Ethics
  • 2018
Liberation from human suffering is a noble achievement, but without freedom from the constraints of poverty, liberty is partial. The South African Constitution commits us to the establishment of a



Failed exorcism: Kurtz’s spectral status and its ideological function in Conrad’s ‘Heart of darkness’

This paper was completed under the auspices of the research project Modernism and Postmodernism in the English Short Story (funded by the Conselleria de Innovacion e Industria, Xunta de Galicia, Cod.

Undermined Syncretism: Origin and Consciousness of Muslim Separatism in Colonial South Asia

The syncretic cultural tradition of India for the last five thou sand years is a noble legacy and a contribution of India to the world. Some major religions of the world took their birth in India.

Edward Said's Orientalism and the Study of the Self and the Other in Orwell's Burmese Days

Critics unanimously regard Said’s Orientalism as the cornerstone of postcolonial canon. It was this celebrated work that generated other related books and materials. Orientalism is a Western style