Bibliography of Alfred Tarski

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  • S. Givant
  • Published 1 December 1986
  • Computer Science, Philosophy
  • Journal of Symbolic Logic
[24] Sur les principes de I'arithmetique des nombres ordinaux (transfinis), Rocznik Polskiego Towarzystwa Matematycznego (= Annates de la Societe Polonaise de Mathematique), vol. 3 (1924—published 1925), pp. 148-149. [24a] Une remarque concernant les principes d'arithmetique theorique, Rocznik Polskiego Towarzystwa Matematycznego (= Annates de la Societe Polonaise de Mathematique), vol. 3 (1924—published 1925), p. 150. [26] Remarque concernant I'arithmetique des nombres cardinaux, Rocznik… 

Tarski's Logic

  • K. Simmons
  • Philosophy
    Logic from Russell to Church
  • 2009

Tarski's Conceptual Analysis of Semantical Notions

Tarski is famous for his widely accepted conceptual analysis (or, in his terms, “explication”) of the notion of truth for formal languages and the allied notions of satisfaction, definability, and

Alfred Tarski's work in set theory

  • A. Levy
  • Philosophy
    Journal of Symbolic Logic
  • 1988
Alfred Tarski's contribution to set theory cannot be measured by his own results only; he was a source of energy and inspiration to his pupils and collaborators, of which I was fortunate to be one, always confronting them with new problems and pushing them to gain new ground.

Tarski and Leśniewski on Languages with Meaning Versus Languages without Use

It is a moot question whether Jan Wolefiski himself knows how many articles he has written. 300? 350? It is, however, a fact true and certain that a considerable part of these articles deals with the




The Kourovka notebook : unsolved problems in group theory

The "Kourovka" notebook is a collection of unsolved problems in group theory, the current edition is the seventh, the first having appeared in 1965, and of the 422 problems in the sixth edition, 151 have now been solved.

A Decision Method For Elementary Algebra And Geometry

By a decision method for a class K of sentence (or other expressions) is meant a method by means of which, given any sentence θ, one can always decide in a finite number of steps whether θ is in K;

Die logischen Grundlagen der Wissenschaften, Actes du Huitieme Congres International de Philosophic a Prague 2-7 Septembre 1934, Comite d'Organisation du Congres (printer and distributor: Orbis)

  • J
  • 1936

with editor's introduction and an analytic index

  • 1983

Prace Towarzystwa Naukowego Warszawskiego, Wydzial III Nauk Matematyczno-fizycznych (= Travaux de la Societe des Sciences et des Lettres de Varsovie

  • Pojecieprawdy wjezykach nauk dedukcyjnych < The concept of truth in the languages of deductive sciences}
  • 1933

Uklad nierownosci (A system of inequalities

  • Uklad nierownosci (A system of inequalities)
  • 1930