Bibliographische Notizen und Mitteilungen

  title={Bibliographische Notizen und Mitteilungen},
  author={P. Schreiner and S. G{\"u}ntner},
  journal={Byzantinische Zeitschrift},


Andropause: is androgen replacement therapy indicated for the aging male?
Several small clinical trials indicate that testosterone replacement therapy can improve many of these findings; however, the studies have not been powered to assess potential risks, such as the need for invasive treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, development of a clinical prostate cancer, or cardiovascular events. Expand
P.Oxy. V 840 – Amulett oder Minaturkodex? Grundsätzliche und ergänzende Anmerkungen zu zwei Termini
Since its publication in 1908 in the fifth volume of the 'Oxyrhynchus Papyri' the small vellum leaf abbreviated as P.Oxy. V 840 has repeatedly attracted the attention of scholars. Was the leaf onceExpand
The Athonite Monastery of Zographou and its property in Hierissos in the late 13th and the early 14th Century
The purpose of the present article is to offer the scholarly community interested in the Byzantine period of Mount Athos new knowledge about some of the estates possessed by the Bulgarian AthoniteExpand
The Earliest Hospitals in Byzantium, Western Europe, and Islam
  • P. Horden
  • Medicine
  • Journal of Interdisciplinary History
  • 2005
The hospital was "invented" in the fourth-century Byzantine Empire as a charitable institution for the overnight relief of the poor and sick but not necessarily for medical treatment. It spreadExpand
The Modesty Topos and John of Damascus as a not-so-modest author
Byzantine authors frequently used the well-known topos of modesty in the opening lines of their literary works. This common introduction, usually served two purposes: The authors expressed a genuine,Expand
Workshops with style: minor art in the making
In his book Byzantine Art in the Making; Main Lines of Stylistic Development in Mediterranean Art 3 rd–7 th Century, Ernst Kitzinger describes three types of subjects represented in a group of ivoryExpand