Bibliographie über biologische bekämpfung

  title={Bibliographie {\"u}ber biologische bek{\"a}mpfung},
  author={B. I. Iograph and IE Uber and B. Iolog and Ische Beimpfung and IE Concernant and LA Lutte and B. I. Ique and A. Szmidt and H. E. Welch},
Im Rahmen der Arbeiten der Internationalen Kommission ffir Biologisehe Bek~impfung (C.I.L.B.) wird hier die aehte Liste der Publikationen ver6ffentlieht, die sieh mit den Grundlagen und der Anwendung von Methoden der biologisehen Bek~impfung yon Arthropoden und Unkr~iutern befassen. Folgende Teile sind bisher ersehien e n : Teil I : Entomophaga 1, 107-112, 1956; Tell I I : ibid., 2, 293-311, 1957; Tell I I I : ibid., 3, 333-364, 1958; Tell IV : ibid., 4, 315-3~8, 1959; Teil V : ibid., 5, 295… Expand


A N E X P E R I M E N T a L
In a recent paper 1 we reported a series of experiments with Rosenow's anti-poliomyelitic serum, which is prepared in the horse by injections of streptococci derived from cases of poliomyelitis. TheExpand
Some species ofPediobiuswalker (Hymenoptera, Eulophidae) inhabiting Cynipid Oak Galls
P. plagiotrochi est parasite dans les galles dePlagiotrochus fusifexMayr and Andricus burgundus d'Espagne, andir. Expand
Insect control by radiation sterilization in Australia.
  • D. Waterhouse
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  • 1962
Results are reported from the use of sterile males in the control of the Queensland fruit fly, Dacus tyroni, and the sheep blowfly in Australia. Expand
I nvas ion rou t e of the c y t o p l a s m i c po lyhedros i s v i rus in the s i lkworm, Bombyx mori L.)
  • J. Sericult. Sci. Japan,
  • 1963
n s e k t e n p a t h o l o g i e uml mikrcJbi~h~gischc Bck/iml?l 'ung y o u S c h a d i n s e k t e n
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0 b e r die W i r k u n g von Bacillus thttringiensis au
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A field e x p e r i m e n t w i t h a p h o l a t e as a c h e m o s t e r i l a n t for the cont ro l of house flies
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A field technique [or compar ing the in tens i ty
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A n a l y s e du c o m p l e x e des h y m 6 n o p t 6 r e s pa r a s i t e s oophages d'Eurygaster integriceps PUT. (Her. Pentatomidae) en Syrie, - Rev. Path
  • Pt. SKAF
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A new type of insec t virus
  • .I. I ,sect Path.,
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