Biblet: A portable BibTEX bibliography style for generating highly customizable XHTML


We present Biblet, a set of BibTEX bibliography styles (bst) which generate XHTML from BibTEX databases. Unlike other BibTEX to XML/HTML converters, Biblet is written entirely in the native BibTEX style language and therefore works “out of the box” on any system that runs BibTEX. Features include automatic conversion of LTEX symbols to HTML or Unicode entities; customizable graphical hyperlinks to PostScript, PDF, DVI, LTEX, and HTML resources; support for nonstandard but common fields such as day, isbn, and abstract; hideable text blocks; and output of the original BibTEX entry for sharing citations. Biblet’s highly structured XHTML output means that bibliography appearance to can be drastically altered simply by specifying a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), or easily postprocessed with third-party XML, HTML, or text processing tools. We compare and contrast Biblet to other common converters, describe basic usage of Biblet, give examples of how to produce custom-formatted bibliographies, and provide a basic overview of the implementation details for those wishing to modify the style files.

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