Biaxial tensile tests of the porcine ascending aorta.

  title={Biaxial tensile tests of the porcine ascending aorta.},
  author={Val{\'e}rie Deplano and Mourad Boufi and Olivier Boiron and Carine Guivier-Curien and Yves S. Alimi and Eric Bertrand},
  journal={Journal of biomechanics},
  volume={49 10},
One of the aims of this work is to develop an original custom built biaxial set-up to assess mechanical behavior of soft tissues. Stretch controlled biaxial tensile tests are performed and stereoscopic digital image correlation (SDIC) is implemented to measure the 3D components of the generated displacements. Using this experimental device, the main goal is to investigate the mechanical behavior of porcine ascending aorta in the more general context of human ascending aorta pathologies. The… CONTINUE READING

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